From Linden Labs – OnRez Bought up!

An email recently informed me that Linden Labs has purchased both OnRez and XStreet, two merchants of things like clothes, poses, and other objects all available for purchase for your SecondLife Avatar.

Soaking Up Rays

I was thinking about using OnRez to sell some poses and other objects I’m going to create, so now I’ll have to learn my way around XStreet. Using the XStreet Terminals is not difficult, and they allow you to transfer funds from your avatar to your account for easy purchasing.

They also have an affiliate program, and I love affiliate programs. In fact, if you sign up with XStreet from these links, it will be placed under my affiliate code and we can both start having fun and making money.

Here is a link to the Linden Labs blog about the purchase/takeover:

If you want a great pair of Fuck Me Boots, check these out!

If you’ve seen my Flickr page and you want to see me in more sexy outfits, then please consider joining XStreet and using me as your referrer.


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