Flocking thru the Socialverse

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I just connected up using the Flock Browser to control all my social networking activities. Actually using multiple profiles it should help me keep my many personalities in check 🙂

This was posted to WP using the Flock blog tool. Neat. Hope it works!

Wow, totally seamless photo upload to Flickr, and stuck in the blog!

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Vampire Porn

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I can’t believe I spent time looking at pics of hot vampires instead of searching for porn.

But then again I found some really great pics of vampires.


From Linden Labs – OnRez Bought up!

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An email recently informed me that Linden Labs has purchased both OnRez and XStreet, two merchants of things like clothes, poses, and other objects all available for purchase for your SecondLife Avatar.

Soaking Up Rays

I was thinking about using OnRez to sell some poses and other objects I’m going to create, so now I’ll have to learn my way around XStreet. Using the XStreet Terminals is not difficult, and they allow you to transfer funds from your avatar to your account for easy purchasing.

They also have an affiliate program, and I love affiliate programs. In fact, if you sign up with XStreet from these links, it will be placed under my affiliate code and we can both start having fun and making money.

Here is a link to the Linden Labs blog about the purchase/takeover:  http://blog.secondlife.com/2009/01/20/xstreet-sl-and-onrez-to-join-linden-lab/

If you want a great pair of Fuck Me Boots, check these out!

If you’ve seen my Flickr page and you want to see me in more sexy outfits, then please consider joining XStreet and using me as your referrer.

Work Sucks and now I’m half naked.

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Work is soo busy (IRL) that I want to destress and get back into SecondLife. I’m lucky that my computer doesn’t run SL or I’d never get anywork done. So the best I can do right now is check out photos on Flickr.

I got some time on a computer but had to rush quickly and it crashed just before I could take the latest picture. So I’m trapped somewhere in SecondLife with hot boots, pink nylons, short jean shorts and no top… can someone come find me? 🙂

When RL joins SL

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I had intended to keep this blog completely in Second Life, but if I was to do that, this blog would be incredibly boring!

I just found this great article on Lesbians in Second Life, or more specifically the gender and sexuality issues that people explore while using Second Life, or other virtual worlds for that matter.


Now I’ll have to definitely look in to the original article, but right now I’m jonesing to get back in to Second Life, after staying away for two days because I got too caught up in the confusing issues brought into play when using the real body’s largest sex organ: the brain.

Another great night.

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Getting all decked out.

Getting all decked out.

Here’s a shot of me getting ready at the Freebie Store. I planned on getting some money for stripping, so I wanted to prolong the excitement by adding underwear. I got really carried away creating the outfit!

I didn’t get paid for stripping, but a few seconds on a dance pole (where I could be paid if I did a good job I guess) I started a little chat with a nice cat-woman, and before you know it we were getting naked, groping and going down for others to join in.

Want to see the pictures? Leave a comment and let me know you’re out there.


Last night was fun.

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I spent some time at the Free Sex location and almost met a nice guy, but other than that got some action from some other dude with too much bling. Well what can you say

I’m still working my way through this Second Life of mine, but User doesn’t seem to stick around for very long most days.

I still don’t have a job, but I had a friend who applied as a security guard at a new club called Mirage. And they are looking for dancers as well. Maybe that’s what I’ll try.

I did take some good Snapshots last night, so its looking more like Photography can be one thing I can do to make some money other than selling myself. Which hasn’t happened yet but is probably quite lucrative.

I was also able to look into Intellibooks which looks like a great way to distribute my photos.

SL Photography: The Basics

A collection of SL Articles at Massively.com (a blog on many different virtual worlds)